Rushfit is a home fitness program that stars and is endorsed by mixed martial artist and UFC superstar, Georges St.Pierre.  It wasn’t devised for the faint of heart, so those who aren’t serious about getting into shape and giving their best effort should look elsewhere. However, if you are one of those who fully understands that you need to give your best to improve and not afraid of hard work, and just looking for the best plan to maximize your results, then this program is for you.

The Rushfit philosophy is similar to P90X and Insanity, 2 popular workout plans that rely on high intensity and muscle confusion to break through training plateaus to reach higher fitness levels. Anyone who hard ever wrestled in high school or boxed knows how physically demanding those sports and related training can be. Whereas most other sports place most of their focus on one specific aspect of training, a well trained fighter needs to be better rounded conditioning. Georges St. Pierre or GSP to his fans, embodies this philosophy in real life by following a training regimen that is equal parts speed, strength, agility and endurance.

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Rushfit was designed to reflect the type of training the has made St.Pierre one of the most successful fighters in his sport. Contrary to most other fighters who aim to improve on their strengths, whether it’s to become better boxer or grappler for instance, St.Pierre’s approach is one of identifying and then working on one’s weaknesses. In his own training GSP is known to seek out and learn from experts in other sports to improve himself. This doesn’t mean that one’s strengths should be ignored, but only that working harder on weaknesses will, in the end, make you a better conditioned individual.

Rushfit – 6 Part System

The Rushfit program was specifically designed to reflect the workout regimen that has made him one of the fittest athletes in any sport. Instead of performing endless variations of exercises that only focus on improving one aspect of fitness, Rushfit is broken down into 6 components, each on its own DVD, which combine to bring you a more diverse and complete training experience. A synopsis of each module follows below:

1.  Endurance and Strength Workout

These easy-to-follow exercises are performed in circuit fashion with short rest intervals. The workout consists of 5 hi-intensity circuits that train all major muscle groups with an intensity level comparable to what GSP experiences during a fight. Not only will this improve your strength, but raising your heart rate will increase your endurance and the intensity will speed up your metabolism so you get leaner faster.

2.  Core Conditioning and Ab Strength

Your core is important since it’s the link that transfers power between the upper and lower body. Having a strong core is essential for most daily tasks by improving your balance and body control while being crucial to developing an impressive set of abs. Once again GSP relies on 5 different circuits that are designed to help your body transfer its power at peak efficiency for maximum speed and efficiency.

3.  Combat Conditioning Workout

This MMA inspired circuit consists of exercises whose purpose is to improve muscle memory and coordination while raising your fatigue threshold. It isn’t just a matter of having bigger and stronger muscles, but also the way they are used. With that in mind, this program introduces you to actual combat techniques where your strength is put to practical use while at the same time providing one of the most intense cardiovascular workouts you’ll ever experience.

4.  Explosive Power-Training Workout

Strength and skill are important, but what you want is the ability to summon those physical attributes with explosive speed. You may have all the tools to win, but a faster competitor, even one who isn’t as strong, usually has an edge on you. This series of plyometric exercises is grouped into 5 hi-intensity circuits that focus on increasing your explosive power so your body responds faster to your physical demands.

5.  Total Strength and Body Conditioning

These exercises are favorites amongst top level MMA fighters. Improving strength is once again on the menu but special emphasis is placed on developing greater focus and pushing the limits of your overall conditioning. There is no point in getting stronger and more agile if your endurance let’s you down. The outcome of most physical contests is decided in favor of athletes whose stamina will allow them to perform the longest at a high skill level which is what this workout is meant to accomplish.

6.  Bonus Training – 2 Additional Rushfit Workouts

The first bonus workout on this DVD features a number of stretching exercises that aim to extend your range of motion which will, at the same time, help you avoid injuries and help your muscles recuperate. The second bonus workout will teach you how to improve your dexterity and balance with a series of MMA inspired exercises. These aim to improve your control of individual muscles and the dexterity with which you use them.

Rushfit Conclusions

The advantage of the Rushfit training system is that it is a well-rounded exercise plan that focuses on all major components of physical performance instead of just one. In this way, it is a good representation of the GSP philosophy which is one that tries to eliminate weaknesses through a diverse training style that leaves nothing to chance in trying to push the body to reach its highest potential.

These workouts can be scaled to suit anyone, whether beginner or advanced, and their diversity will provide a constant challenge to all fitness levels. If you are still unsure whether this type of intense training system is for you, you should know that you can try it risk-free for a whole 60 days. So if you give Rushfit a try and find that it’s too hard for you or doesn’t give you the results you expect, then you only need to ask for a complete and hassle free refund.

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